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GRAFF8ETCH hair pattern pencils were specifically designed for tagging, tracing and filling in barber etchings with bold, bright colour.  Etchings and graphic design has been around for years but now it has become mainstream.  GRAFF*ETCH combines graffiti and barber etching to create hair art.


GRAFF*ETCH pencils were created for use on newly shaved, sensitive skin.  They are not your ordinary pencils.  They are specifically formulated to apply on a tender scalp and in the hair.  Use these pencils to pre-draw your design before etching them out.  Fill in hair lines, beards, and create sharp angles.  Colour in designs like start, hearts, lightening bolts and geometric designs.  With a blendable formula it keeps your colour options unlimited with 8 shades to choose from.  Follow the rules of the colour wheel for combining colours.  GRAFF*ETCH pencils have the proper combination of texture, long lasting wear and ease of aplllication.  Plus the built in sharperners add ease and effieciency and help fine-tune precision designs.


GRAFF*ETCH pencils apply creamy smooth, wont drip down if you sweat and will stay put until you was with shampoo or a cleanser.  Sharpen the pencils to a blunt point using half turns so as not to waste the core colour.


GRAFF*ETCH pencils were made becuase barbers and stylists need proper tools to be more creative and make more money.  Create walking advertisements by etching company logo’s, events and promotions.  Filling in these designs with coloured pencils really makes the design stand out!


GRAFF*ETCH pencils are fragrance free, non-allergenic, paraben and petroleum free.



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