Simms Jones Ltd is a well respected and long standing Christchurch company that has been operating for well over 100 years. Established in 1909 by Frederick Edmond Jones and Henry George Simms, these gentlemen operated the company together until Mr Simms moved to England.  Some years later Mr Jones purchased all the shares and his family owned the company until 1981 when Mr Roger Swolf, a New Zealand resident who had been supplying hairdressing scissors to the company for a number of years purchased it and has remained the owner from that time. In its early years the company imported motor oil from the USA, kraft paper, various metals and other commodities.  It also packed on the premises the formerly popular hair product Brylcream.


Our Cleaning Products

Chemico paste production commenced in 1930 and is still being produced to this day. The company was also well known for its Puff Pastry, Lemon Pie Filling, Icing Sugar and many other foods.

Today there are two trading divisions.  The Commercial Cleaner division manufactures and supplies commercial and household cleaning products, including bulk disinfectants, toilet cleaner, dishwashing detergents, rinse aid, oven cleaner, floor cleaners, spray cleaners, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and of course our ever loved Chemico Paste and Chemico Cream cleaners. They also offer customers flexible company labelling, where they can brand products with the company’s label.

Our Hairdressing and Barber Products

Our Hairdressing and Barber Division has supplied New Zealand hairdressers and barbers with some of the world’s top brands for over 40 years. These include Joewell, AMA and GOTTA scissors, WAHL Professional clippers, trimmers and hairdryers, FEATHER razors and blades and more. Our hair products cover a wide range of options including DeLorenzo, Clairol, Dancoly, Angel, Suavecito, Captain Fawcett, Bossman, Bayrum, Fudge, Denman and Krest to name a few. Cleaning products such as window/mirror cleaner, disinfectant, spray and wipe and toilet bowl cleaner from the cleaning division are also stocked.

We pride ourselves on selling quality products and for providing our customers with excellent service.

Our products can be bought online or you can visit our showroom at
217 Lichfield Street, Christchurch. Off street parking is available.


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